Turn the world upside down

We are a community that believes in having a transformative influence for God's kingdom on this world. We want to make a lasting IMPACT! Check out all the groups & sign up to get involved at the bottom of the page.


This team of volunteers helps to provide a free breakfast for kids at two different Lake County Elementary Schools throughout the year.


A new team dedicated to faithful understanding and execution of our call as humans to celebrate and be stewards of God's house and our home (the earth).


Everyone loves a good home cooked meal! Especially when you are in a trying time. This team loves to cook and helps provide meals for people who may not be in the best place to prepare food at home. Does this sound like the group for you?


Our furniture moving, storing, and donating team. Helping hands provides some love and muscle to help move furniture for those who need assistance. A beautiful new partnership with Love INC of Lake County is just now beginning too!


Help make our community room the best hangout spot in town on Sunday mornings! It's about so much more than just making the coffee (although, that's super duper important)! This team is responsible for helping to set the tone for everyone who enters our building on Sunday, which is a very big deal!


Providing advocacy, dignity, & shelter

UMCL is a rotational PADS site in Lake County, IL. We provide a place for people to sleep and eat who are without or in-between homes in our community on Saturday nights from October - April.

There is a lot of opportunity here. Sign up at the bottom of the page for more info and our PADS coordinator will be in touch with you shortly!


An intercessory email list 

We have a small but dedicated group of folks who help to get the prayer requests of our congregation out to everybody via email.


brought to you by UMW

Supports various mission efforts of the United Methodist Women (UMW)

Join a dedicated team for a week of set up for a two-day thrift store experience where members from the community can come to find a sweet deal!

Find the giant sign-up board in the Community Room for specific ways you can help!


care givers who are here for you

If you have a heart for people who need support through the turmoil life supplies. Consider training to become a Stephen Minister. You will provide one-on-one listening-centered care for people who need it.

If you would Iike to receive care, our many established care givers are available and ready to help you through life's challenges. You can fill out this brief form below or call our church offices (847) 362-2112


Join a team of folks who provide care, cards, and visits to those in our community who are, ill, home bound, or recovering from medical procedures


Like uber, but free and friendly

Do you or someone you know need rides periodically to the grocery store, doctors office, or to pick up prescriptions? We can help arrange that! We have gathered a few folks who are willing to help offer periodic transportation if you need it.

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